Why Did I Write V is for Vagina?

“Am I normal down there?” That is the question that every woman wants to know the answer to.  It’s also the reason I wrote V is for Vagina.  As I mentioned in the forward of the book:

“I’m Facebooked frequently, cornered in the grocery store aisle, sidelined in the gym, questioned in cafes, and stopped in the street by women who have urgent issues about their vaginas.”


As a practicing ob/gyn for the past two decades I’ve taken care of thousands of women. I’ve seen it all, and nothing (seriously, nothing!) shocks or surprises me anymore. My objective in writing the book is to get the word out and educate women about ob/gyn issues in an easy-to-read, non-threatening and down-to earth way.  My co-author Robin Westen and I wanted to share medically-sound advice in a format that’s hip, humorous, and, hopefully, fascinating to readers.

I certainly hope you will pick up the book, and when you do, please don’t feel like you have to read it from cover to cover – although you are certainly welcome to!  You can take the quiz at the beginning to determine your V knowledge and then choose chapters that may interest you, whether it’s about sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, or combating the symptoms of menopause.

In my blog, aptly called “Out of the Stirrups,” I will be touching on topics covered in the book and providing further insight into “all things vagina.” I hope you will come back often to visit and learn more about your Lovely Ladyflower.