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Q&A: Can Running Cause Boobs to Sag Over Time?
Q&A: Can Running Cause
Boobs to Sag Over Time?
Women’s Health
- April, 2014
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while pregnant -
SheKnows -
Pregnancy & Baby
March, 2014
Health_Magazine_Cover_April_2014Period Out of Whack?
Health Magazine
April, 2014
10_wonderful_things_vagina 10 Wonderful Things You Should
Know About Your Vagina
Women’s Health
March, 2014
42-15320711When Sex Hurts…
Family Circle
- February, 2014
Womens_Health_Cover_Feb_2014When I Have My Period,
Sometimes the Blood is Bright Red and
Other Times It’s Super-Dark. Why??

Women’s Health
- February, 2014
9-weird-things-you-can-do-with-lube9 Totally Weird Things You
Can Do With Lube

She Knows
- January, 2014
pregnant_dont_drinkWait 9 Months, Don’t Drink
During Pregnancy

eMax Health – January, 2014
Pregnant woman having headachePrenatal Depression:
Why the Occasional Emotional Misery
eMax Health – December, 2013
Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - December 13, 2013Is It Safe to Pull a Rachel Zoe
and Wear Heels When Pregnant?
Women’s Health – December, 2013
Body in mirror istock 8 Things Nobody Tells You
About Your Post-Baby Body
Fox News – November, 2013
 reclaiming_sexuality_in_the_face_of_cancer Reclaiming Sexuality In
The Face of Cancer
Coping With Cancer – October, 2013
 your_guide_to_circumsized_guys Your Guide to Uncircumcised Guys
Women’s Health - September, 2013
Cosmo_Magazine_Cover_September_2013When He’s SO BIG, It’s Scary…
Cosmopolitan Magazine - September, 2013
prenatal_blood_testNew prenatal genetic tests: Are they for you?
Fox News - August, 2013
 fertility-issuesThe Truth About Fertility After 35
Women’s Health - June, 2013
stk61404corShould You Hold Off on Treating That UTI?
Women’s Health - June, 2013
woman-exercise-ball-situps How to fix health problems with exercise
CNN - May, 2013
 Pregnant-BellyHow Not to Gain Too Much Pregnancy Weight
Fox News - May, 2013
How To Fix Health Problems With ExerciseHow To Fix Health Problems With Exercise
HuffPost Healthy Living - April, 2013
MD001975 Great News About IUDs Women’s Health Magazine - April, 2013  Pregnant woman with her husband listening to the nurse 5 Child Birth Questions – Answered!
New Parent - April, 2013
Feminine Hygiene Advice Don’t Put That Up There!
Women’s Health - March, 2013
mammogram Vital health screenings every mom needs
Fox News - March, 2013
 the_truth_about_pregnancy_and_sex The Biggest Myths About Sex and Pregnancy
The Scoop - March, 2013
boca_magazine_coverMenopause – Roll With The Changes
Boca Magazine - March, 2013
 Scary News About STDsScary News About STD’s
Women’s Health - February, 2013
 pregnant What to Expect When You’re Expecting (After 35)
Women’s Health - February, 2013
2013_Shape_February_MarchMy PAP Came Back Abnormal…
Shape Magazine - February, 2013
I Just Went On Birth Control -
and the Side Effects Are Driving Me Crazy!
Cosmopolitan Magazine - January, 2013
Where Did All The Diaphragms Go?
BlissTree - November, 2012
Weird Things That Affect Your Sex Drive
Cosmo Magazine – November, 2012
What Is That Weird Pain?
Cosmo Magazine – November, 2012
7 tips para lograr mejores orgasmos
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Do You Really Need to Buy A Special Vaginal Wash? Sexcerpts – 07/23/12
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Age Gracefully: The Top Tips – 03/08/2012
6 Facts You Don’t Know About Your Vagina but Should – 03/08/2012
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The Psychology of Slut Dr. Alyssa Dweck comments in Kathryn Stamoulis’, PhD video exploring the psychological effects of the word slut.

Dr. Alyssa Dweck, Author of V is for Vagina,

Visits Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester May, 2012

A review of Vagina A to Z May, 2012

Dr. Dweck talks “V is For Vagina,” Menopause and periods

on News 12 Westchester March, 2012

Backtalk Live with Dr Ed Kornel – WOR – 2/26/2012


Women’s Radio Interview – A Woman’s Guide from A to Z with Dr. Alyssa Dweck — 09/23/2012

Click the play button above to hear the interview.

Health Radio – “V is for Vagina, Your A to Z Guide to Periods, Piercings, Pleasures and So Much More!- Interview with Dr. Alyssa Dweck — 02/09/2012

Click here to listen

KCUI radio “The Chat Room” — 2/17/2012

Click here to listen