3 Labor-Inducing Tricks That Actually Work (and One That’ll Just Give You the Runs)

get_that_bun_out_of_the_ovenYou’ve spent the last nine months prepping for baby — but then your due date comes and goes with nary a contraction in sight. Ugh, is there anything more frustrating for a mama-to-be?

After someone told Bonnie Northsea (who still hadn’t gone into labor after reaching her due date) that dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” would help get things moving, she tried it. And thus, the latest viral video sensation was born…

If you’re getting a little impatient to meet your own little one, is there anything you can do to get into the delivery room faster? While most of the advice you’ve heard about how to induce labor (like eating spicy foods or walking up hills) isn’t supported by any studies, the good news is there are a few techniques that can actually get labor going.

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